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The internet is a rich source for all kinds of works. May it be music, movies, literary works, books and anything you might think of. An awesome number of free resources has come to be known as freeware.Or Free Software. But everybody has mixed emotions about these softwares. A lot of them say these are the best things that happened in the internet. Others refuse to use them even because they hesitate about the authenticity of these wares and for security reasons. That leaves us the question… How do we know for certain that the freeware we are about to download is not a scammer or a hacker? Freeware can contain spyware, adware, trojans, backdoors and keyloggers. If you want to be safe, you should be a smart downloader. The best thing to do is research. Know the website that you are viewing by looking through forums.And also, you can try the other popular freeware sites like

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