No One Has to Die

With a title like that, who won’t be interested in giving this game a chance?

No One Has to Die is a free online game that has a very simple gameplay, but makes up for it in the script. With the story revolving around a delivery man (you) who needs to find a way to get employees stuck in the building of Fenix Corporation, one twist after the next in this turn-based game will surely get you hooked. So don’t get started unless you have time on your hands because chances are you won’t stop till you’ve finished the entire game!

No One Has to Die game script


In terms of graphics, No One Has to Die is not the most novel nor has the prettiest appearance. It’s music/soundtrack does the mysterious feel justice though and should be enough to keep you engaged.

I don’t expect this game to ever make it to the list of top 5 downloaded freeware anytime soon (especially since it’s an online game, duh!), but it sure is a good game to try, whether on your PC or your tablet.

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